Workshop on

Time-dependent dynamics and non-equilibrium quantum systems

Budapest, 19-22 May 2010

Sponsored by:
  ESF Network
Hosted by: Budapest University of
Technology and Economics
and Eötvös University
Faculty of Science

New: list of participants and preliminary program are available!

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Information concerning accomodation managed by the organizers can be found here: confirmation status.

The list of invited speakers includes:

N. Andrei, J-S. Caux, N. Cooper, E. Demler, R. Egger, F. Essler, M. Heiblum, W. Hofstetter, T. Ihn, A. Imamoglu, S. Kehrein, C. Kollath, S. Lukyanov, B. Reulet, A. Rosch, H. Saleur, U. Schollwock, A. Silva, S. Sotiriadis, L. Taruell

Scientific board

J. von Delft, G. Mussardo, G. Takács* and G. Zaránd*

(*: local organizers)